Monday, December 21, 2015

Anchoring, December 2015 / Bio

Lauren Johnson is a television reporter and anchor who has worked in Salt Lake City, and Boise, Idaho. She has five years experience finding, writing, shooting, and editing stories for local broadcasts.  She has a degree in journalism from the University of Utah and has taken journalism classes at Harvard University.

Lauren has a love for people, and her Boise New Director Grendel Levy shares that Lauren excels in getting powerful interviews because of her empathy and understanding. "Lauren has a knack for developing relationships with sources, making them feel comfortable and then ending up with an exclusive interview. She has great contacts that only feel comfortable talking to her," Levy says. She also says that "Lauren is a great writer, and I very rarely have to edit her work. ... She is at her best live in the field, and is effective at breaking news--communicating events effectively. ... She exercises strong news judgment in advancing, researching, and continuing interesting stories."

Lauren loves being with friends, writing, and eating delicious food. Brunch? Yes, please. She loves videography and has produced some personal short documentaries. In 2016, she attended the Stanford Digital Media Academy for Documentary work.  She also loves to travel. She's visited all 50 United States and 18 countries. She put together a documentary in Thailand, has been scuba diving in Belize, and has lived in both Australia and Israel - where she studied religion.

Lauren loves reporting because everyone has a story to share, and she feels it's important to help share those stories with the world.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Halloween Feature report

Lauren's News Director Grendel Levy says that Lauren "has a wide range as a reporter/anchor. She succeeds in the serious, breaking, and emotional, but also the light-hearted humor. " Here is one of those light-hearted reports to celebrate Halloween.